In Flight Entertainment

Air Tahiti Nui will modernize its in-flight entertainment(IFE) with the powerful and efficient "RAVE" system from IMS. With a capacitive touch screen interface, HD resolution, and solid reliability, passengers are certain to find this new system easy to use, full of choice and always available.


Passengers seated in Economy Class Moana can select on their 9-inch screen the content they want to use or watch just as they would do with any tablet device. In Poerava Business Class, a larger 12 inch screen and a remote control installed in the armrest of each seat, provide even greater passenger comfort.


In the "RAVE" system architecture, each seat is independent so a failure in one seat will not impact another and because of the IMS' patented dockable seat display, the crew can quickly replace the seat display in-flight. The display design is slim, lightweight, and requires low power.


The "RAVE" system delivers entertainment and information with superior quality and a simple user interface via a capacitive touch screen.


  • Movies on demand - 14 movies per flight
  • Television programs - 24 per flight
  • Tahiti focused tv channel "Tiare TV"
  • Popular music including Tahiti radio
  • A selection of games - 15 different games
  • Duty free catalogue
  • Tahiti information guide
  • In flight menus
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