Employment Information:

Positions available in the USA:

There are no positions available in North America at this time.

The Air Tahiti Nui Corporate Human Resources Department is located in Papeete, Tahiti. This office interviews, evaluates, and hires all Flight Attendants and Pilots

For consideration to become an Air Tahiti Nui Flight Attendant, you MUST be a legal, permanent resident of French Polynesia AND hold a valid C.S.S. Certificate issued by the French Civil Aviation Authority.



For the following positions, please send your resume to the Director of Human Resources in Papeete:

• Flight Attendants
• Pilots
• Mechanics
• Opportunities in Papeete
• Opportunities in other countries other than the U.S.A.

Please mail your resume to:

Air Tahiti Nui
ATTN: Ressources Humaine
Immeuble Dexter
Rue Paul Gauguin
B.P. 1673
Papeete, Tahiti 98713 F.P.


or email us at emploi@airtahitinui.pf

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