Custom Regulations

All items brought in by travelers for their personal use are duty free, provided they are non-prohibited items and are re-exported out of French Polynesia within six months. These include 400 cigarettes or 200 cigarillos or 100 cigars; 50 grams of perfume; 500 grams of coffee; 100 grams of tea; 10 rolls of camera film; 2 liters of alcohol (Spirits, Wine or Champagne). No one under 17 years of age is entitled to duty-free tobacco or alcohol.

ll telecommunications and radio equipment require an import license, and certain types of animal life and flora are protected by customs regulations.

trictly prohibited imports include live animals, all plant material, flowers, fruits, and cultured pearls originally grown in Polynesia. Naturally, any weapons, ammunition, and narcotics are prohibited outright.


As Entry Requirements and Customs Regulations are subject to change without notice, always check with your travel arranger and/or the proper authorities before traveling internationally. It is the responsibility of each passenger to carry the proper travel documentation and to meet the entry conditions of each country on their itinerary.

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Tahiti Custom Regulations
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